Part 1. By Plane, Train and Rickshaw

They’re everywhere, in every country, from all walks of life, they speak any language, and are any age. Who are they? They are people who are spiritually awakening. I’ll refer to them as the ‘Awakeners’ in this new earth energy. Each are at different stages of ‘waking up’ into a spiritual consciousness – A spirit in a body which has a purpose. It could be you, which is highly likely if you are reading this journal.

Who am I?

Put simply – I am an Earth Bound Spirt Guide named LindaE. I have the job and privilege to help guide people during their spiritual awakening. There is quite a story to my Awakening and progression into ‘The Job’, so such a missive will need to wait.

By Plane, Train and Rickshaw….

I’ve travelled from Sydney, Australia to arrive in Sth India 28 December 2015. Meandering my way north, I’ve met many Awakeners. Some days I speak to only a few, while other days to crowds. Media and word of mouth spreads the word, and many ‘meant to be’ bizarre meetings.

I reached the spiritual hub of India – Rishikesh on New Year’s Eve overlooking imposing Himalayas and Mother Gange. The destination is a melting pot of many countries, and a good time to commence my 12 month tour meeting Awakeners. There are hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world pour into india. Like ‘bees to a honey pot’, those whose spiritual energetic frequency is buzzing are naturally attracted to other similar frequencies, be it the energy of the land or persons. So…. India first stop and then many find me and other Awakeners.

Are you an Awakener?

Without exception, the lives of people who are spiritually awakening have drastically changed over the past 3 years. These include relationships, career, address, even their taste in food and clothes, and more. Awakeners also develop an intolerance for small chat, gossip and ‘tyre kicking’ activities. They find themselves attracted to Anything spiritual or esoteric, and just can’t get enough of it. Sound familiar?

Those people awakening to the spirit of who they really are, ALL want, seek and yearn to find answers. Indeed, they instantly feel uplifted, excited and relieved to get answers, connect with other Awakeners, and to feel a sense of belonging.

So……as an Earth Bound Spirit Guide my journey continues, connecting and guiding the Awakeners.

Next stop – the Himalayas ..