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“Be guided to glimpse into your past
and future lives to reveal who you
really are…..
And remove any negative emotions and
limiting beliefs so you can create the
life you desire”

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A Psychic, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, NLP and Reiki Master, Linda E helps those who are spiritually awakening and searching for answers, to find out who they really are and their purpose in life. She shows you how to live in conscious awareness as a spiritual being that is having a human incarnation. As an International Speaker and Author, Linda reaches across this planet to help the Awakeners find the answer to a question they all commonly share – ‘Who am I?’

Linda’s work as an Earth Spirit Guide is a response to the ‘new wave’ of people emerging in their spiritual awakening as we experience a human evolution. She speaks the language of the people who are on the journey of their spiritual awakening, and guides them with her knowledge of the process with her ability to channel energy, and her connection with the higher realms.

Experience the benefits of learning 3000 year old ancient Indian and Japanese spiritual techniques used to calm your mind, heal your body and connect you to your spirit. You will learn how to tap into the true spirit of who you really are, and how to harness the universal energy freely available to everyone to create change in your life. Linda teaches the powerful techniques of creative manifestation, and the art of ancient mediation and pranayama used in healing yourself and others.

Benefit from Linda’s universal connection and spiritual wisdom that she learnt during her decade of extraordinary encounters with: spiritualists; healers; traditionalists; and energy workers in India; the Sharman’s in the Amazon jungle; and Incas in the South American Andes.  Linda is able to provide you guidance and strategies to overcome any difficulties, obstructions or fears experienced as your energy frequency changes, and as you transcend in your spiritual awakening.

The journey home in peoples awakening is often referred to by many as ‘being liberated, a feeling of coming home, and of belonging’. A sense of knowingness and feelings of joy and love are characteristic of a person’s spiritual transcendence. Indeed, unlike the laws, rules, fences and defences imposed by the material world, there are no boundaries in spiritual awakenings and people are free to create or recreate their own reality. With the belief that there are no limitations, Linda teaches people how to harness and use the freely available universal energy to create abundance in their life, and how to change their thoughts and actions to generate an energy conducive to manifest dreams and desires.

Are you Spiritually Awakening?  You probably are if you are reading this, and know that you are not alone. An Awakening can happen to anyone, at any time, at any age, and does not discriminate between race, borders, gender or background. It opens a door into a realm which has no boundaries, and where universal energy is freely available to everyone to use in manifesting their reality or to make changes in their life.

So….do you want to re-member who you really are –
A spirit having a human incarnation?
Then join Linda, who will take you on a journey to experience an overwhelming feeling of belonging, peace and joy, and where you can manifest your dreams into a reality.

“Quieten your mind and hear the heartbeat
of your spirit. You will be guided to find the purpose
of your life, and connected to who you really are
– a spirit having an earthly incarnation”

Linda E - Logo
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