It can happen to anyone, at any time and at any age……Is it you?

Achieving spiritual awakening can be best described as experiencing and consciously responding to progressive and inevitable changes in you. These include your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of your life. It’s like a ‘light switched’ turned on where you begin to see everything more clearly, and ‘remember’ who you really are and that is a spirit having a physically and human experience. Not everyone ‘awakens’ in this life-time, but if they do then it can happen at any time, any age and to people from all walks of life.

The 12 signs of Spiritual Awakening

  • Your sleep patterns change.
  • You have a yearning to ‘want to go home’. It’s a sense of not belonging anywhere you know on earth. This may also feel like and unexplained sadness and longing.
  • You no longer ‘fit your life’. You feel you are not that person in the mirror.
  • You want to know what is your life’s purpose…..what you are meant to do to fulfil this purpose.
  • You get shivers or tingles in your body, feel pressure on your crown, or experience vibrations around your head and ears.
  • You have flashes of great inspiration, creativity and thoughts.
  • Your tastes have changed dramatically for one or more of – food, music, entertainment, friends, where you live, our job and clothes.
  • You have heightened senses and are more sensitive to subtle energies particularly of those around you. Your intuition is more astute.
  • You are drawn to anything spiritual/esoteric/science fiction – movies, books, audios, workshops and more.
  • You are interested in stories of spiritual awakening, and you feel a lightness and happiness as you read.
  • Synchronicity flows faster and you notice more and more opportunities that resonate with you.
  • You have become intolerant to engaging in small chat and gossip.

Sound Familiar?

How long is the awakening process?

Spiritual awakening opens a door to a place of which has no boundaries, and this includes ‘time’. This is in complete contrast to the world we live in which IS based on boundaries, mental programming and limitations. The awakening process is ongoing but the awareness, experiences, understanding, progression and knowledge of your journey in your spiritual awakening it can be accelerated. This is achieved with the practice of – silence, meditation, retreats, clearing your 7 energy centre (chakras) which enables you to receive universal healing energy, ancient breathing techniques and a yogic diet.

What you will feel –

….progressively different in nearly every way. The awakening experience is an introduction to your awareness in its natural and true state, and there is no going backwards. The debris of doubts, worries, desires, fears, problems, hopes and more, which clogged you mind just diminish. You see beauty and more bright colors in your life. You receive and give more love and compassion, your thoughts are clearer, you find your Life’s purpose and can now pursue it, and your mind can filter what does not serve you. With your new raised energetic frequency, you can manifest whatever you want in life, and also change your reality to what resonates just for you…

“In the journey of your spiritual awakening there are no boundaries only opportunities”

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