“You have a destination in life
but any road will take you there.
Your spirit knows where you are headed,
so still your mind and listen.”

Linda E - Signature

LindaE takes you on a journey to help you find your life’s purpose, and awaken you to the true spirit of who you really are. Regarded as an Earth Spirit Guide, Linda leads people who are spiritually awakening through the transition from the old world energy into the new world energy.

An international speaker and author, Linda’s own personal 15 year journey in her spiritual awakening has provided her with the skills and ability to invoke change in people, and assist them in their spiritual awakening.

Linda’s extraordinary encounters with spiritualists, healers, scholars, traditionalists, and energy workers in India, Sharman’s in the Amazon jungle, and Incas in the South American Andes transformed her life. Linda emerged to follow her life’s purpose as a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Guide, Yogi and Reiki Master, and to help smooth the journey for those who are spiritual awakening.

Linda teaches people how to use 3000 year old ancient Indian and Japanese spiritual techniques to calm your mind, heal your body and connect to your spirit. Through her personal sessions, speaking presentations, audios and writings, Linda provides answers to the questions from people who experience difficulties, obstructions or fear as they transcend in their energy during the process of their spiritual awakening.

The journey in people’s awakening is often referred to by many as ‘being liberated, and gives a feeling of coming home’. A sense of knowingness and feelings of joy and love are characteristic of a person’s spiritual transcendence. Indeed, unlike those laws, rules, fences and defences imposed by the material world, there are no boundaries in spiritual awakenings and people are free to create or recreate their own reality. So, Linda teaches people how to harness and use the freely available universal energy to create abundance in their life, by applying the simple yet effective techniques of utilising energy to manifest.

“Join me on a journey……
where you can experience the joy and peace from knowing your true
purpose in life, and be able to still your mind, heal your body, and create
abundance in your life”

Linda E - Signature