“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

When the student is truly ready, the teacher will disappear.”

Fake Leo Tzu

Linda E

Linda is a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, NLP and Reiki Master. She provides the spiritually ‘curious’ the answers to questions not easily available at the human level of conscious awareness. To help people succeed in their ambitions and personal relationships, Linda aims to remove their limiting beliefs and emotions such as fear, guilt, anxiety, sadness and anger. Linda offers sessions to those who want to know: who they really are; about their past lives; what is their purpose on earth; and how to find and use their passions to reach their potential. Indeed, Linda also provides individual psychic channeling sessions for those who seek of peace of mind in being able to connect to their loved ones who have past over.

About the Sessions

Each person is uniquely different in the assistance they require. In the initial free phone consultation, Linda will discuss with each person what is issue/s they want addressed or may indicate a specific service they require eg; past life regression to learn of their previous lives; a clairvoyant reading of their future; channeling of their deceased loved one; understanding and removing negative emotions; relief from depression and anxiety; and more. Linda tailors the delivery of her session to cater to the uniqueness of each client.

Sessions are for 120 minutes duration (Reiki Treatments 60 mins)

Linda offers one or more of the following sessions according to the needs and the desired outcomes of an individual –

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression This session removes any limiting beliefs and negative emotions that prevents you from achieving your desires in your business and in your personal life. The outcome is to remove blockages that will then enable you to make positive changes and to create your desires. It enhances your ability to live optimally.

Psychic Channeling – This session is for people seeking to connect to the deceased (generally love ones who have past over). Linda crosses dimensions (often referred to as ‘crossing the veil’) and acts as a conduit to provide a communication channel between the deceased and the client.

Hypnotherapy and Reiki – In this session, Linda using energy frequency balancing and hypnosis to: enhance personal performance and focus; provide clarity; reduce stress; manage depression and anxiety; and provide a sense of inner peace.

Reiki Treatments – This is a 60 min session where Linda connects through Reiki to the universal energy. Linda rebalances the energetic frequency of your auric field and your 7 chakras. The aims to remove blockages from your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energy fields, and also promotes higher intuitive and spiritual awareness. It’s common for clients to report some or all of the following – a feeling of liberation, immense joy and love, calmness, and an understanding or a ‘knowingness’.

Spiritual Counselling and Mentoring – This service is for those who are spiritually awakening and seek out Linda for guidance, energetic balancing, and connection to a network of spiritually awakening people during their transition. Many people in any stage of their ‘awakening’ experience several or all of the following: fear; confusion; loneliness; alienation, possible physical discomfort; a feeling of being ‘blocked’; a sense of not belonging; and will always have many unanswered questions. Indeed, they will be drawn to anything that is esoteric and to self-help material. Please be aware that the length of time of the awakening process varies between each person, and where the journey can take a few years to a lifetime. Linda provides mentoring, networking opportunities and guidance to people during their transition.

Techniques & Modalities Used:

As each person is individual and unique, so each session is different with the techniques used and experiences encountered.

  • Past Life Regression – Hypnosis.

  • Hands on Reiki healing (universal energy) – Japanese. Balances your energies.

  • Clairvoyant Readings – past and future events and life directions.

  • Ancient Hindu Mediation and Pranic breathing –stress, depression and anxiety managements.

  • Psychic Channeling – contact with deceased from across the veil.

  • Removing limiting Beliefs and unwanted behaviour – Hypnosis.

  • Techniques to manifest your needs, dreams and desires in personal and business life.

  • Teaching how to ‘cross dimensions’ and to move from 3D to 5D living.

  • Counselling and guidance on your spiritual awakening process.

  • Teaching how to participate in your dreams, what are the messages and how to remember them.

You will Experience:

It is truly a unique experience. Depending on the length of the session you can expect to experience more than one of the following:

  • Clarity about your life and how you want to live it, and a sense of purpose and passion.

  • An intense relaxation of your body – reduced anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

  • Connection and messages from loved ones who have past over.

  • An understanding of who you have been in past lives and the behaviours and limiting beliefs that you have brought into this life.

  • Synchronicities noticeably occur more frequently and you are alert to opportunities.

  • You can manifest your needs and desire at lightning speed just by thinking about them.

  • You find it easy to stop bad habits which were previously a battle for you.

  • Your relationship with yourself and others are transformed. You can attract a personal relationship into your life which is loving and satisfying.

  • Freedom from the removal of negative and debilitating emotions.

  • A feeling of ‘coming home’ and where doors begin to open to present you with opportunities that resonates perfectly with you.

Duration of sessions – 120 mins (2 hours)

Cost – $250/session

Package 5 sessions – $1,100

Long distance video sessions are available (enquire for details)

“I look forward to seeing with you soon.

I WILL understand where you are at, where you are going….

and how you can get there”

Linda E