“A Spirit Guide teaches, advises, and helps you
on your journey into higher consciousness,
but they are not permitted to assist unless you ask.
….So Ask…….”

Linda E

Linda, an Earth Spirit Guide, Yogi and Reiki Master, provides the spiritually ‘curious’ information not easily available at human level of conscious awareness. Linda offers individual sessions aimed to assist people who wish to be spiritually awakened, or those who are already in the process of awakening. Both require an energetic frequency rebalance to remove blockages from their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energy fields before their transcendence can occur or continue.

Although spiritual awakening provides a feeling of liberation, immense joy and love, everyone in the process will experience a varying degree of physical or emotional discomfort. This is natural to experience as they are transitioning from operating in the old energy of the material world, and moving into the new world energy. Much like waking from a long sleep into a foreign environment, there is an initial disorientation. Indeed, everyone is at various stages of their awakening and experience issues such as: fear; confusion; loneliness; alienation, possible physical discomfort; a feeling of being ‘blocked’; a sense of not belonging, and will always have many unanswered questions. The length of time of the awakening process also varies between each person, where the journey can take a few years to a lifetime.

About the sessions

Each person is uniquely different in the assistance they need during their spiritual awakening. Their energetic frequency elevates as does their conscious awareness. In consultation with each person, Linda initially determines what assistance is required to either help commence a person’s spiritual awakening, or increase the awakening process of those who are already on the journey of awakening.

At the beginning of each session, Linda energetically connects with the universal energy (Reiki) and channels this energy to determine which areas of your personal energy field require energetic clearing and balancing. Once established, Linda uses techniques specific to your individual needs and desired outcomes.

Techniques used:

As each soul and being is unique, then so is the journey in their spiritual awakening. There are no two persons the same. Therefore, each session is different with the techniques used and experiences encountered.

  • Chakra clearing of your 7 energy centres
  • Hands on Reiki healing (universal energy) – Japanese

  • Ancient Hindu Pranic breathing – Indian
  • Intuitive healing
  • Past life regression
  • Shamanism for spiritual connection – Mayan & Amazonian
  • Counselling on the spiritual awakening process
  • Channelling from the higher realms to answer questions on spiritual awakening, creative manifestation and crossing dimensions

You will experience:

It is truly a unique experience. Depending on the length of the session you can expect to experience more than one of the following:

  • An overwhelming feeling of peace, joy, and clarity about your life and how you want to live
  • An intense relaxation of your body
  • A feeling of ‘coming home’ and where doors begin to open to present you with opportunities that resonates perfectly with you
  • A ‘shift’ within you where the frequency of your energy field is elevated
  • Synchronicities noticeably occur more frequently
  • You can manifest your needs and desire at lightning speed just by thinking about them
  • You find it easy to stop bad habits which were previously a battle for you
  • Your relationship with yourself as well as others is transformed
  • New friends and relationships come into your life which is harmonious, joyful and they simply ‘resonates’ with you
  • If you desire, you can attract a personal relationship into your life which is loving and satisfying

Linda offers you this profound and life changing healing experience, and assists by removing any blockages you may have that prevents your transcendence and spiritual awaking process. She helps you find the true purpose of your life and connection with the spirit of who you really are. You will experience changes in all areas of your life as they will be infused with love, compassion, clarity, ease, joy and peace.

Duration of sessions – 2 hours
– $250
Long distance sessions are also available (enquire for details)

The best way to get started in obtaining more information about a spiritual awakening, is to sign up for Linda’s newsletter and read her regular blogs.

“I look forward to being with you soon.
Let me help you in your journey of spiritual awakening.
I DO understand where you are at, where you are going, and how to get there”

Linda E