“Glimpse into your past lives to know who you really are….Remove limiting beliefs within your subconscious that frees you to manifest your desires…Life changing and powerful”

Linda E

The Speaker

Linda E is passionate about assisting people as they transform in the new world energy. Her work as an earth spirit guide and spiritual teacher, are a response to the spiritual awakening of people on our planet, and their need for information, assistance and guidance during their transformation. They all share a common question – ‘Who am I?’

Linda guides and teaches in her writings, sessions, and videos, but she believes that the power to create change and inspire is in connecting with people in face to face. It is for this reason that Linda travels the world reaching people who need assistance and inspiration during their spiritual awakening. Linda delivers her message from the platform to audiences from different walks of life, backgrounds, ages and nationalities. Spiritual awakening does not discriminate or have boundaries, unlike those in the material world.

Linda delivers the following speaking topics depending on the events:

  • The 12 signs of spiritual awakening
  • The ‘milestones’ to reach in spiritual awakening
  • Recognising blocks in your spiritual awakening and the techniques to overcome them
  • How to develop your intuitive power and be telepathic
  • Ancient Meditation and Pranayama techniques for mind, body and spiritual healing
  • Chakra healing and balancing – the 7 energy centres where spiritual energy flows into your body and contains information relating to different aspects of being
  • How to heal yourself and others by using the healing power of ‘Reiki’ – harnessing and channeling of universal energy
  • How to manifest what you want in your life by changing your energy field to attract what you desire
  • How to bring your dreams into your conscious awareness
  • Looking into your Akashic records – a library of every thought and action in the history of your spirit
  • Karmas – how they really work
  • How to live in the material world and be spiritually awakened
  • Crossing dimensions and how it works
  • Your soul and your spirit – what is the difference?

Speaking Style

As an inspirational speaker, Linda merges her past experience as a CEO in the corporate arena within the western world, with her work and studies in India and South America, to produce a unique style to her teaching and speaking.
Linda’s studies and disciplines have extended to Japanese Reiki where she has a pure lineage to Dr Usui (Founder), Sharmanism from the Amazon, and Yoga and Ancient 3000 year old Hindu Meditation and breathing practices. Such diverse and eclectic experiences has added to the wisdom and understanding that Linda has of humans on this planet, and their struggles as they move from the dense material energy of the old world, into the higher frequency in the new world energy. Linda believes that when opportunities are presented to you, it is the universe that is providing you with experiences that will help you find the purpose of your life.

Linda is available to be booked for presentations and speaking engagements:

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Interactive Seminar – 3 Hour duration
  • Retreats and Workshops
  • Radio and TV Interviews

If you want to book Linda, please register using the form on our Contact page.

“There are no accidents in life
only opportunities, so embrace them.
Finding my website may be one of them”

Linda E