“Live from your heart and not from your head …
in love and gratitude.
This is the way of our new world.”

Linda E - The Message

LindaE is a Spiritual Guide and Teacher, who has a mission to assist those who are spiritually awakening, guide them in the transition, and help them find their true purpose and presence in life.

Linda spreads the message in her teaching and writing, that spiritual awakening can happen to anyone, at any time, at any age, and does not discriminate between race, gender or background. Indeed, she delights to report that spiritual awakening opens a door into a realm which has no boundaries, where universal energy is freely available to everyone to use in manifesting their reality or to make changes in their life. This is in contrast to the material world which operates using walls, armies, rules and expectations – A world that instils in people limited belief patterns and fear, all aimed to control and keep people ‘asleep’. Such polarities creates in people who are spiritually awakening, feelings of being lost, conflicted and alienated from the material world in which they were accustomed to during their spiritual slumber. Furthermore, their evolution sparks a question of how can they live during this transition from the old world energy into the new world energy after knowing the existence of both worlds? These feelings and concerns will fade as the new world energy continues to awaken many others, and the old world constraints diminish.

So….as people make this journey of transcendence, Linda provides them with the support, awareness and understanding of the process, and links them to many others who are at various stages of their spiritual awakening.

~ Linda’s message is simple ~

“You are not alone in your spiritual awakening.
You will discover that you are living
in a new world energy which its very essence is
based on love, kindness and compassion.”