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The best way to contact me is through email, so please clearly, briefly and concisely state your request in 1-2 paragraphs within the enquiry form below.

In love and light, I thank you for your interest and support in my mission to help people in their spiritual awakening.

When I am not in India I am in Port Stephens in New South Wales. Port Stephens is 207 kilometres North of Sydney and 60 kilometres north of Newcastle. It is a beautiful area with pristine beaches and waterways and an eclectic community.

When I am in India, although I travel around the sub continent at times, I am based in Fort Kochi – in Kerala State. Fort Kochi is part of the city of Kochi. Over time Kochi developed into one of the most important Ports on the west coast of India. More recently, it has become the home to Hindus, Christians and a small Jewish minority. I love Kochi and decided recently that although Australia is my home, India is where my heart is and where my journey feels right.

As I mentioned before, best way to always contact me is email, however, you can call me to book a Session, Workshop, Retreat, Interactive Seminar or Radio or TV Interview. My phone contact details are on the right of this page. My Booking Agent’s phone number is on this page as well, so if I am out of Australia or don’t appear to be contactable by phone, please call the other number on the right of this page and my Booking Agent will be able to assist you with your enquiry.

Linda E