“You are unique and have a purpose in life.
Your soul and subconscious knows, but

is waiting for you to awaken and ask.”

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Who is Linda E?

LindaE is a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, Speaker, Spiritual Coach, NLP and Reiki Master. Linda has always felt a deep connection to spirit from her early childhood, and has possessed a natural ability to cross multi-dimensions and to manifest using the power created from the energy of thought and belief. Indeed, Linda’s highly attuned intuitive abilities were apparent during her professional career as CEO of a business consultancy, and Advisor on International aid projects.

For more than two decades, Linda successfully integrated her academic skills and spiritual practices into the corporate world. She became well-known for her guidance and assistance to businesses and community leaders, where she coached them in how to tap into their intuition, and channel the power of belief into manifesting the success they desired.

Although faced with ridicule and skepticism during the 90s, the results were indisputable and her psychic and intuitive abilities undeniable. However, it was in mid 2005 that Linda’s life change dramatically, her corporate life dissolved, and her mystic and psychic work began to emerge to take front stage.

Linda now focuses on helping people find and live their life’s purpose. She achieves this, by using past life regression and psychic channeling to reveal who they really are as a spiritual being who is having a physical incarnation. Linda also uses her skills in hypnosis to remove from the subconscious, any limiting beliefs and negative emotions that a person has collected during their current or past lives. This then enables them to make better choices, manifest their desires, and create success in business and in their personal life.

Linda E - The Woman

“Be grateful for all your experiences in life, as each has a
divine purpose to serve you in your life’s journey….
But know that they often come disguised.”

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The Humanitarian

Linda’s worked branched into the humanitarian aid sector, where she advised communities and government decision makers in developing countries on projects aimed to help alleviate poverty. Whilst conducting a project in Vietnam and only weeks after the death of her mother in 2005, Linda was struck with an illness that for 5 years left her in chronic pain, plagued with doubts, and a burning desire to find answers to life’s questions. Linda had exhausted the western world’s theories and medical advice in regaining her health, and came to a dead end. So equipped with a belief that life presents opportunities for us to learn and grow, she ventured to India. Linda’s mission was to find answers to her many questions, be healed physically and spiritually, and to find her life’s purpose.

Linda’s extraordinary encounters with spiritualists, healers, scholars, traditionalists, and energy workers in India, and later Sharman’s in the Amazon jungle, and Incas in the South American Andes, transformed her life. Linda emerged 3 years later physically healed, a Spiritual Teacher, an Intuitive Guide, a Yogi and Reiki Master. Indeed, it was during this time that she fine tuned her psychic and clairvoyant abilities with the assistance of the gurus and 3,000 year old ancient techniques.

‘Awakened’…. Linda had found her life’s purpose. She now travels throughout the world speaking, guiding and providing sessions to people who seek her unique skills and abilities, and to those who are spiritually awakening in this new world energy. Linda teaches people how to create abundance in their life and to live their authentic self.

“Dream big dreams and make them a reality …
you only need to believe and be grateful.”

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The Author

During Linda’s corporate life, she felt compelled to spread her message and reach as many people that she could to help. Linda wanted to awaken them to the spirit that is inside all of us. Still entrenched in the business arena and at the helm of a thriving consultancy, Linda became a regular columnist for several national business journals and magazines.

With her reputation as a leading business advisor and marketing strategist secured, Linda skilfully wove spiritual applications into mainstream business practises. Indeed, Linda’s first publication in the 90’s titled ‘Gut Instinct ….Your Best Friend in Business and in Your Life’ was her debut in bringing the intangible and esoteric into the world of business. Although a risky career move in view of her corporate profile, the publication received overwhelming national and international acceptance, and Linda became a sort after speaker and writer on using creative visualisation and intuition as vital tools in business and life success.

Linda’s publications led her to write an international best seller titled ‘Smart Marketing’ which featured a chapter on a ‘business plan that sits on your wall and not in your draw’. The focus was on how to channel your personal energy into creatively manifesting your needs, dreams and desires. In present day, the core of Linda’s published works and presentations is centred around the mystical and past lives, removing programmed limiting beliefs and paralysising emotions using hypnosis, and the ancient and spiritual techniques that aim to connect people to their true self.